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The Four Pillars to a Successful Agency Sales System with Lee Goff

Four Pillars of Agency Sales with Lee Goff


The Four Pillars to a Successful Agency Sales System 


Having an automated sales system guaranteed to close more of your leads would be a game changer. 

In reality, what does this look like and how can it be possible for you or your agency? High-ticket buyers do not buy from an email – right? Below are my four pillars to a successful sales system and a few great tips to help you get started down the path of a streamlined sales system that will generate predictable and reliable sales for your agency. 

I’m Lee Goff, founder of Marketing Agency Coach and author of Agency Success Roadmap  After spending 13 years founding, building, scaling, retiring from and then successfully exiting my digital agency, I did vast amounts of research and testing on exactly what tools, templates and system delivered results for all agencies.


By breaking down your target's top pain points, you'll get the right leads and close more sales. - Lee Goff, on The Four Pillars to a Successful Agency Sales System via @GoWPSupport​

Pillar #1 – Lead Magnets


The selling process is no longer just about face-to-face selling anymore. It has become more technical and involves more strategy. Everything from KPI, CRM, marketing automation, leads, sales and of course eliminating follow-up failure. It’s not only an agency sales process, it also needs to be mastered for you to see success.

Tip #1: Bring the pain in your lead magnets


A lot of agencies make the mistake of creating lead magnets around features. Instead you should create lead magnets to solve one specific problem or pain point that your target audience experiences on a regular basis. Instead of a “click here for a million dollars, be extremely precise regarding pain points. Remind them of the pain they are experiencing and show them how you can relieve that pain. 

Once you have the tagline, sub tagline, and value prop/pain point bulleted out, the rest is as simple as putting it into a template or even better a custom designed lead magnet that really sets an amazing first impression. In this video, I talk about the pain management scale and then give examples of bringing on the pain.

Tip #2: Agile lead magnet creation 


Once you have established the pain points of your target audience, you need to create lead magnets fast! Test them to find out if they resonate with your prospects. It’s good to have a few different options like quizzes, surveys, lead magnets, Facebook groups, etc.

Tip #3 – Prospect vetting 


Now that you’re harvesting a lot more leads you need a way to vet the tire kickers. Buyers will typically follow similar patterns called “buyer identifiers.” You need an effective way to identify buyers who are ready to move now as well as weed out the window shoppers. 

I will break down those identifiers and show you the benefits from leveraging these basic human buying patterns. Understanding these basic patterns is crucial to putting a simple mechanism in place to weed out the tire kickers.

When you’re harvesting tire kickers, in-depth researchers and buyers, you have to have a vetting tool in place to ensure you’re not wasting time on the wrong prospects. 

That is where my “thank you” system comes into play. In this video, I show the “thank you” prospect vetting system and why it is so important to close more leads. This form instantly tells you whether or not they are a serious buyer.  Judge your prospects’ interest based on their actions!

Pillar #2 Lead Harvesting   


Tip # 1 – Have an agile CTA management system 


You need to have an agile CTA management system that allows you to deploy, split test, and harvest precise KPIs on exactly which lead magnets and taglines that not only convert, but lead to high paying projects. Once armed with this system and data, you can easily optimize your conversions to double and triple your lead flow on your already existing traffic. 

Tip # 2 – Testing and targeted content increases conversion


The higher the conversion percentage, the more leads you get. The rollout of advanced call to action management systems have become much easier to manage. It is extremely important to get the exact information to the right people, at the right time. 

In this video I will show you how easy it is to create world class lead magnets and how to integrate them with your CRM. This is a powerful tool that can make your life easier and bring in those important leads you’re currently missing during harvest season. 

Pillar #3 Automation and Pipeline Management


Tip #1 – Hot or not? 


Now that you are harvesting the 92%, you do not want them to be a time-suck. How do you know who is hot and who is not?  I will help you to distinguish the hot and the not-so-hot leads.

Tip #2 – Eliminate follow-up failure 


One of the biggest responsibilities of any successful sales system is making sure no lead is left behind. It must assure that all leads are followed up. Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business.  You must give that life blood the attention it needs.  It’s a healthy mix of automation and personal touch. 

In this video, I give you a few examples of how to balance automation and the personal touch by gauging the actions they take. We all know personal touch is very important and necessary when closing larger ticket items, but it can be time consuming if not done properly. To keep this from happening I will show you a very simple but effective pipeline management system. 

Now, if you are a savvy agency you can combine the pipeline management system with a real time KPI dashboard. Combining pipeline management, lead source tracking, CTA management with a real-time KPI dashboard will be an absolute game-changer. It can give you complete transparency into one of your largest expenses, your customer acquisition cost.

Pillar #4 Understanding Real-Time KPI’s


Tip #1 – Real-time KPI’s


Having real-time KPI’s are an absolute must when it comes to understanding how your sales systems are performing. A KPI dashboard gives you the information you need (when you need it) so you can stay ahead of the game. Sadly, so many people do not know real-time KPI’s exist or how easy they can be to set up. It is truly an advantage that will help you go to the top faster.

Tip #2 – Lead source tracking using automation 


When using an automated sales system you have to build your lead source tracking into the actual campaigns. With a simple tweak in your campaigns you can have precise lead source tracking and it takes seconds to set it up for any campaign.

Everything from lead source tracking to what is working and what’s not. This gives you a closed loop management system where you can actually compete with the big dogs. In this video I show you real-time KPIs for your digital marketing agency with Graphly

Wrap Up


With the appending digital gold rush on the horizon, your agency needs to make sure its systems are optimized for maximum efficiency. Whether it be your service framework or your sales systems, it is wise to use any downtime you might have to reload your agency. 

Having the right sales system means bringing in more leads and sales for you and your agency. These four pillars will help your agency get leads quicker and simplify your ability to close more sales with less effort. 

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Lee Goff

Lee Goff

I'm Lee Goff, founder of Marketing Agency Coach and author of Agency Success Roadmap. After spending 13 years founding, building, scaling, retiring from and then successfully exiting my digital agency, I did vast amounts of research and testing on exactly what tools, templates and system delivered results for all agencies.

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  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
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