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At Play Creative

How outsourcing At Play Creative’s copywriting to GoWP improved  the experiences of Gary Smith’s clients and increased his agency’s revenue. 

With the help of GoWP, At Play Creative founder Gary Smith went from humdrum contractor experiences to feelings of “Wow!”. 

Meet Gary

black and white image of Gary Smith

“ [GoWP’s Dedicated Copywriter] came in as a writer, but in the end, they positively impacted my strategy. “

Gary Smith

Founder, At Play Creative

Gary Smith is a guy that’s really serious—about toys. (Action figures are part of his job, after all!)

He’s also serious about creating an agency environment that’s collaborative, not cutthroat. He wants to be able to “play with” ideas, projects, and concepts to ensure quality and creativity.

Back in 2006, Gary found himself in a situation where he felt that people were less interested in building relationships through branding, and more about tearing each other apart. Gary knew there had to be a better way.

And there was. 

Gary’s agency, At Play Creative, has helped develop unique branding and imaging campaigns for some big names, including Disney, Hasbro and DC Comics, allowing them to stand out in sectors that are often at risk of conventionality. He maintains that the key to success in an area like his is collaboration and, above all, fun.

All of that being said, Gary needed to make sure that At Play Creative maintained its competitive edge and produced top-notch profiles for his clients. 

That’s where GoWP came in.

Why GoWP?

So why did Gary decide to partner with GoWP for Dedicated Copywriting Service? Well, lots of reasons! But these were his big three motivators:

Proven success and output

Gary found that working almost exclusively with contractors has allowed for scaling quickly and tapping into a range of talents. He knew that GoWP’s solution of providing contractors with a variety of specialities would give him an advantage— it could help Gary as he sculpted the images of his partnering brands and clients.

Quick onboarding and pre-vetted talent

In the past, when Gary had to hire a full-time writer, he found the process time-consuming and tedious, with maximum commitment and no guarantee of a good fit. With GoWP, Gary was able to get started immediately, transmitting his message to a copywriter with a proven track record of success.

Flexible services and offerings

Given the diversity of his projects and offerings, Gary needed to be flexible in being able to access what worked to accommodate his client. He knows that he can depend on GoWP to provide him with a wide selection of outsourcing services and individuals to meet his demands, and that the quality is consistently on top.

Gary's Struggle


Gary needed sharp and innovative copy to accompany his already-successful services, and he wanted to upgrade his clients’ experience.

The Whole Story:
Gary’s no stranger to working with an outsourced team. At Play Creative has been fully virtual and reinforced by outsourced employees since 2010. This has allowed Gary to act as the solid, ever-present face of the company and attract many prestigious clients.

In addition, it has allowed him to take care of the details without sweating the small stuff.

But while Gary was perfectly happy with his web developers, he wanted to up the ante and bring in a unique voice and perspective, adding a little extra “oomph” to his client’s branding profiles. After all, Gary says, branding is all about constructing messages for personalities. and finding the tone and manner that attracts a corresponding client base.

Gary’s main passion is photography, and he’s never spotted anywhere without his camera. He needed sharp texts to accompany his branding and imaging efforts.

GoWP's Solution


GoWP connected Gary with a copywriter who’s above and beyond in every aspect.

The Whole Story:
GoWP set Gary up with his own outsourced copywriter who could assist him by coming up with timely, fresh copy as brand profiles began to flesh themselves out.

In the past, Gary had worked with copywriters that he admitted did their job, but they didn’t leave him “wowed”.

“A hundred percent of the copywriters I’ve worked with in the past have come in and have done just what the name implies—write copy”.

He says that GoWP totally changed his perspective on what a copywriter could truly be and do.

Before, At Play Creative was structured as a deliverables-based agency. Currently, Gary has switched over to a strategy-based structure, and with the help of his Dedicated Copywriter, he’s been able to phrase his offers and packages to increase his revenue.

Gary says that one of the most important and helpful things that the Dedicated Copywriter service has done for him is to provide him with a respectful soundboard and a second voice. As someone who typically works alone, a second creative voice, one that offers counterarguments and alternative solutions, has been eye-opening.

“He challenges me in a respectful way, and to me, that’s valuable. I don’t need a yes-person—I need someone who’s gonna go, ‘Wait: I hear what you’re saying, but here’s another opinion.’”

“To me, he’s more than just a writer,” Gary continues, “he’s a strategic thinker who knows how to write.”

When Gary looks to the future, he sees excellent copy as being “paramount” to his success in creating diverse company profiles with maximum impact. He sees GoWP as an instrument that can help him in his rise to the top, all while keeping it real, and keeping it fun.

Exceeding expectations with passion, enthusiasm, and skill—that’s what GoWP is here for.



Gary Smith, the founder of At Play Creative, has worked with contractors since 2011. He finds the flexibility of contractor services quicker and less tedious than hiring full-time team members. When he decided to deliver more in-depth branding service to his clients, he knew the underwhelming copy of previous contractors just wouldn’t do. He decided to give GoWP’s new Dedicated Copywriter service a chance. He matched with Dedicated Copywriter who delivered more than mechanical, uninspired copy. Gary’s GoWP Dedicated Copywriter “wowwed” him with revenue-increasing deliverables. This partnership was not the average contractor arrangement. Gary and his GoWP Dedicated Copywriter  developed a true collaborative partnership that benefitted At Play Creative clients and Gary’s bottom line. 

black and white image of Gary Smith

“I have worked with contractors in the past who did the bare minimum of my requests. My GoWP Dedicated Copywriter, however, is a strategic thinker who knows how to write.” 

Gary Smith

At Play Creative

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The Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Visual Validator WordPress updates
  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here