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Redwood Valley Technical Solutions

How GoWP Page Builds has helped RV Tech Solutions take on more projects and increase profits

Sarah Kuglin RV Tech Solutions

With the help of GoWP, Sarah Kuglin and her team are able to continue taking on design work while expanding their marketing offers.

Meet Sarah

Our projects can be sporadic and we often work on several projects at one time. We needed a solution that allows us a consistent schedule with a developer to be able to have a continual flow of projects being worked on regularly.

Sarah Kuglin

Founder Redwood Valley Tech Solutions

Sarah Kuglin started her agency in 2002, building websites in Adobe Dreamweaver. Back then it was just her. These days Sarah and her team are creating beautiful custom WordPress sites for local businesses and helping them achieve their growth goals with marketing services that make an impact on their bottom lines.

Sarah lives in rural Minnesota and personal relationships make a big difference. Her team works remote but they all live within 60 miles of each other. Her clients are local businesses she either knows personally or that have come to her through word of mouth. 

It’s important that her clients trust her and feel safe putting their business in her hands. And on the flip side, Sarah needs to make sure that anyone who works on her team extends that same care and attention to detail that she does. 

But finding the right person or team to help with the work flow and schedules was challenging.

Why GoWP?

For Sarah, she needed someone she could trust and depend on. Relationships are everything and it was important to her that she works with someone who would be dedicated to her clients as well. Her experience with GoWP convinced her it was the right choice for her for a few important reasons:

GoWP takes care of their customers

Sarah needs to know that she can trust whoever is on her team to take care of her clients as she would. Sarah has had sites on GoWP Maintenance and Unlimited Content Edits plans for a while. She's seen time and again that her clients are safe in their hands.

Quality work and attention to detail, without a workflow overhaul

Over the years, Sarah has established systems and processes that have allowed her to grow her agency and maintain the high-quality, custom designs she's known for. With the GoWP WordPress developers, she knows she can trust them to stick to her design specifications and deliver high-quality work every time. And everything is managed directly in her team's project management dashboard.

Affordable dependability

Before discovering GoWP Page Builds, Sarah didn't think it would be possible to find a solution that gave her dependable developers with on-call availability that fit her budget. GoWP checks all those boxes. She knows that her projects are getting done, she enjoys the daily progress reports, and loves that she gets all that for such an affordable monthly rate.

Sarah's Struggle


Contract developers with sporadic workloads were not a great solution for Sarah to be able to put buildouts on autopilot and take the time to launch the new services her clients wanted.

The whole story:

RV Tech Solutions has been around for nearly two decades, and they’ve grown a lot in that time. Sarah has taken her agency from just web design to full-service offerings. 

“We don’t just do web design anymore.” She explains. “We’ve grown and we want to continue doing new things like creating lead generation systems, marketing funnels,  and other digital marketing services but it all takes time. I needed more support and help to continue building our designs so I can devote time to expanding to offer the services my clients need.”

Sarah and her team were doing everything in-house because that was the way she had always done it. She had some trusted contract developers to call on when the workload got to be too much for her full-time team. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite ready to hire a full time developer. But Sarah wanted to still be able to take on projects with peace of mind, knowing there was someone on the team who’d be able to complete the buildout on schedule.

Sarah knew that hiring unknown developers to fill the gaps in her roster wasn’t the direction she wanted to go.

I was looking for a long term solution with a service that would be ready and available” Sarah said. “I need to be able to trust that the developers building out our web pages care about our standard of quality and are dedicated to building our designs to our specifications.”

Before signing on for GoWP’s Page Builds service, Sarah was beginning to wonder if perhaps her systems and processes were too rigorous to be able to fully depend on an outsourced solution. Would she have to compromise her work ethics to grow her agency?

Short answer: No. Keep reading…

GoWP's Solution


The GoWP Page Builds service has given Sarah the time and peace of mind to be able to put buildouts on autopilot while she and her team develop new marketing services to help her clients. 

The whole story:

Depending on the GoWP WordPress developers to take care of her page builds has been essential to Sarah being able to grow her agency to the next level.

“I was really looking for a way to streamline our processes and to continue to grow and offer more services to clients. GoWP Page Builds has made such a difference,” Sarah explains. “It allows me to focus on our mission to keep moving the agency forward.”

At the top of Sarah’s list for choosing an outsourced solution for her page builds was attention to detail and assurance of quality. With the GoWP WordPress developers, she couldn’t be happier.

“I need to work with someone I trust, someone I know and feel confident about,” she explains. “Someone that I know will take care of us — that is really important for me. And Brad and his team at GoWP are that for me.”

Not to mention, the GoWP Page Builds developers work directly in the agency’s project management tools.

Sarah uses Teamwork to manage projects for her agency. Implementing GoWP into her workflow was as simple as creating a Teamwork user for GoWP and sharing her tech stack and design specifications with the team.

“Bringing GoWP into our process has actually helped us implement even better processes in the development side of our agency,” Sarah said. “Before it was a bit disjointed and now it’s more streamlined than ever!


Over the past nearly two decades, Sarah Kuglin has worked meticulously to put systems and processes in place that would make it easy to scale and grow her agency. She focused on building relationships that matter, both with clients and her team members. For Sarah, trust and dependability is essential.

While her agency has grown by leaps and bounds, there has always been a weak link: the development process. Until she found GoWP Page Builds.

Using the expert GoWP WordPress developers as an extension of her team has allowed her to focus on growing her service offering and increasing her profits and entire team. 

She knows she can trust the quality of work and dependability that GoWP provides. So now she hands the page buildouts to GoWP and she focuses on the important stuff: Growing her agency!

Sarah Kuglin RV Tech Solutions

I was really looking for a way to streamline our processes and to continue to grow and offer more services to clients. GoWP Page Builds has made such a difference and allowed me to focus on our mission to keep moving the agency forward.

Sarah Kuglin

Founder Redwood Valley Tech Solutions

Pass off your page builds to a team you can trust.

The Landing Page Builds service includes:

  • Unlimited page builds for one monthly rate
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated WordPress developer
  • At least 2 hours of daily dev time
  • Daily progress reports
  • Find out more here

The Content Edits Plan includes:

  • Unlimited content edits
  • White label help desk
  • Support ticket dashboard
  • 24/7 team of WordPress experts
Plus, everything in our Maintenance Plan:
  • Visual Validator WordPress updates
  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here

The Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Visual Validator WordPress updates
  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here