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The Value of the Digital Agency Owners Facebook Group

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Facebook groups are an excellent way to build relationships, share valuable resources and bridge new partnerships.

At GoWP, we value all the agency owners we work with and for. That’s why we created a way to bring like-minded individuals together to help them grow.

We’re going to review what our Facebook group offers to its members, the value it brings to agency owners, shine a light on a few of our favorite members and share our goals for the future of the group.

How did the Digital Agency Owners Facebook Group start? 

Emily Hunkler, our amazing COO  at GoWP, created the Digital Agency Owners Facebook Group in August of 2019. Brad Morrison, Founder of GoWP, and Emily had a vision to create a community where other agency owners could learn that they were not alone.  

"We had this incredible audience that reflected a full spectrum of agency professionals — successful leaders that owned their niche and also entrepreneurs just getting started in the agency game.
We wanted to create a space for them to come together, learn from each other, congregate and just make each other's day better. I love seeing that happen in the group everyday."
Emily Hunkler

The Digital Agency Owners Facebook group, or as we affectionately call it the DAO group, has become more than just a place to get leaders together. It has become a family! Within the first six months we grew to over 500 members and it grows every day. We are so grateful to each member and what they bring to the group.

We found that agencies were bonding together on the same pain points, frustrations and pitfalls. This uniting factor allowed us to simultaneously help solve their issues and allow them to grow. 

What does the DAO Facebook Group offer to its members?

The goal of the DAO Facebook group is to offer its members premium content, priceless partnerships and valuable resources. 

Emily has done a wonderful job of providing valuable content for the members of the group. When you decide to join the DAO group, you will get access to the following: 

  • Free webinars featuring leaders in all different industries
  • Tutorial style workshops to sharpen your skills 
  • Agency spotlight interviews featuring valuable organizations
  • Insights on tools, tricks and tips on being an agency owner 
  • WordPress community engagement and involvement 
Check out this awesome webinar available exclusively to the DAO Facebook group members. Nev Harris covered the principles of running an agency and taught you the basics of pricing and profits. These valuable webinars help facilitate growth while learning on a budget for agency owners. A financial advisor may charge you quite a bit more than a free webinar for this service! 
Nev Harris Agency Financials Webinar

What value does the DAO group bring to agency owners?

As we grow, so do our agency owners. Each week we are adding more and more value to the DAO group.

The biggest value we found that agency owners receive is the unlimited advice from the industry leaders. When a question is asked in the group, you will get honest, trustworthy and expert advice from those have been in the same shoes. This advice can turn a business from not being profitable to scalable.

The free webinars, workshops and spotlights offer priceless information on not only running an agency, but thriving in the WordPress community. You don’t always have to work with WordPress sites to join the wonderful world of WP. We hope you get value out of the tools, software, production and maintenance of what is available in the group just the same.

Building relationships, partnerships and trusted resources is a big benefit to joining the DAO group. We found that our group allows for a meaningful connection between the members. The comfortable way that people approach the group enables for better conversation that leads to growth. Because it is a common ground for agency owners to meet, often there is much connection to share.

If you are looking at other awesome Facebook groups to join, we highly recommend these:

Who are the members of the DAO Facebook group?

The best part about the DAO Facebook group is the people that joined! 

We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people band together under one sole purpose. To grow!  As much as we would love to list every member, we are going to highlight a few that bring a lot of value to the group.

We have a mixture of WordPress leaders, entrepreneurs and agency owners in the group. To name a few of our trusted leaders: Chris LemaTroy Dean, and Lee Jackson all stand out. They have all brought tremendous value to us in many different ways. You will just have to join to find out! 

Our agency owners make up the majority of the DAO group and bring so much to the table. 

Anthony Tran is the Marketing “Guy” at Beaver Builder and if you haven’t met him yet, you are surely missing out. He brings expertise from the marketing world, the WordPress community, and the great and powerful plugin industry. Anthony will be the first to welcome you and bring a positive spin on a frustrating question. 

Matthew Rodela is the Founder of Turnkey Websites Blueprint. He practically coined the phrase WaaS (website as a service) with his automated approach to a turnkey system. Matthew has been featured on WP Elevation, Hallway Chats and much more – join the group and find out more about how he is revolutionizing his industry. 

Leslie Surel, Founder of Surelutions, is a client-focused, community driven agency owner who specializes in building websites and connections. Her niche is nonprofits and she knows a thing or two about local business ownership, funding and building partnerships that last. She would be happy to answer any questions you have when you join the DAO group! 

Edward Perry Beacon Agency

Edward S Perry is the President and Founder at BEACON.agency. He is a marketing expert and digital nomad — and proud of it! If you are interested in sharing the wealth of knowledge that Ed brings to the group, join in the conversation. Other than that you can find him traveling, speaking or on some fun adventure. 

Beth Livingston WP Roadmaps

Beth Livingston is Head Coach and Roadmap Maker at WP Roadmaps – how cool is that title? Her roadmaps to success specialize in teaching agency owners how to manage WordPress projects more effectively.  Check her out for guidance, tools and templates in WordPress if you want to bring up your ROI. Also, she is a pretty cool coach! 

Michelle Frechette WPCoffeetalk

Michelle Frechette is a WordPress wonder woman! She is an Organizer at WordCamp US, and Head of Customer Success at GiveWP. That’s not all! She hosts the WPCoffeeTalk podcast and also runs 404play.com – all about redesigning your 404 page for growth! What doesn’t Michelle do? You definitely need Michelle in your life! 

Graham Tucker Outright

Graham Tucker is the Founder of Outright – and he is outright, upright and downright cool! Outright offers marketing plans, discounted hosting and web development in the WordPress space. When you join the group, give Graham a shout out, he’s good people 

Wendell Harness

Wendell Harness is the Founder of Harness Mediaa website creation and maintenance agency for local small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) trying to tap into massive online opportunities. Specifically, his niche is land surveyors and he’s built an online community for them that has anywhere from 60-100k visitors per month! Have a conversation with Wendell and it could turn into a pretty cool opportunity. 

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is the Founder of Data Driven Labs, the WordPress lab that does it all. Chris is a Florida native and can be seen behind the camera at WordCamps taking those shots that make the best memories. He conducts data driven webinars and is a numbers guy to say the least! Crunch some numbers with Chris when you join the DAO group! 

Jennie Lakenan

Jennie Lakenan is the founder of JennieLakenan.com and builds life coaches the website of their dreams. Not to mention she is one herself! She is a certified digital business consultant with some great advice for growth. She loves anything strategic marketing and we love her for it! Any life coaches that join the group – make sure to reach out to Jennie. 

Camille McDaniel

Camille McDaniel is the Founder and Licensed Therapist at Healing Psychotherapy Practices of Georgia. Her mission is to bring hope and healing to the community and it shows! She has built this practice from the ground up and it is growing every day. She is your go-to when it comes to starting a business that is community driven. 

Stephanie Campanella

Stephanie Campanella is nailing the niche! She is the Founder of StephanieCampanella.com and has come up with a step by step system to become the authority of your niche! Her podcasts, masterclasses and 1on1 coaching will help you really nail it. Subscribe and tune into Stephanie wherever you are – she always brings value to the table! 

Are you a DAO Facebook group member and want to be featured here? C’mon then! Send us a message, all are welcome. 🤗

One of the most beneficial aspects of the DAO group is the spotlight interview offered by Emily and the team at GoWP. When you join the group as an agency owner, you have the chance to feature your organization, your story and your passion for the rest of the members to see! 


Featured here, you see Hans Skillrud and Donata Kalnenaite of Termageddon. They chatted with Emily about how Termageddon was formed, how they transitioned from successful agency to helping agencies grow by keeping their website policies up to date, and what it’s like working from home with two giant husky dogs. 

We hope that the value this brings to each individual agency will increase brand awareness and birth new partnerships. Also, it’s so nice to see the faces behind the curtain of these organization’s success stories! 

What are the goals for the future of the DAO Facebook group?

We have pretty lofty goals for the DAO Facebook group here at GoWP! 

One of the biggest goals we have is to be the most valuable resource for niche agency owners in the WordPress space on Facebook. We want to provide resources so valuable that they are spread by referrals to other agency owners. 

We also strive to bridge the gap between agency owners and WordPress services, maintenance and white label help. Our goal is to build a quality resource library filled with industry leaders that can aid in growth on a global scale. 

We hope to offer more virtual connections as well. Recently we kicked off the GoWP Virtual Happiness Hour on Fridays to answer agency owner questions and offer wins of the week with the group. Emily livestreams the virtual meeting in the Facebook Group and every week we get more and more connected with our agency owners. 

Also, it would be an honor if Matt Mullenweg, Elon Musk or Gary Vaynerchuk joined the group – like we said, lofty goals. 

How can you join the DAO Facebook group?

If you’re an agency owner, you are more than welcome to join the DAO Facebook group to enjoy all the spoils! 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not invite only. You may request to join in three easy steps: 

  1. Find the Digital Agency Owners Group on Facebook. (That’s pretty easy)
  2. Request to join the group.
  3. Answer the questions about yourself and your agency. 

Hooray, you’re in! 

Let the value of the niche agency owners begin. We will see you in the group! 

If you are an agency owner and looking for white label services, you came to the right place! GoWP specializes in WordPress maintenance 24/7

Reach out to us to learn more, schedule a call or sign up your first client to see how we can help you grow. Happy to help! 


Caylin White

Hi! I'm Caylin, social media and content manager at GoWP. I love digital marketing, growing partnerships, writing fun content and of course, WordPress! I’m certified in WordPress 101, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Inbound Sales with HubSpot. When I'm not helping GoWP grow, you can find me hanging with my family, playing with my rescue puppy or enjoying a good book.

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  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here