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Ep. 8 — Emily Hunkler, COO of GoWP, speaks about her family, what creates happiness for her, and her journey to helping grow GoWP.

Digital Agency Owners Podcast
Digital Agency Owners Podcast
Ep. 8 — Emily Hunkler, COO of GoWP, speaks about her family, what creates happiness for her, and her journey to helping grow GoWP.

On our latest episode of the GoWP Digital Agency Owners Podcast, we welcome Emily Hunkler, COO of GoWP. Join us as we discuss how she creates happiness, prioritizes her family and community, and is passionate about helping GoWP reach new levels and help more agencies grow.

Read the transcript:

Morayo: [00:00:00] Welcome everyone to Niche Agency Owners Podcast. This week we have a great conversation waiting for you. Today, we are speaking with Emily Hunkler.

For over three years, Emily has been an essential leader for GoWP. She started with the company as a marketing coordinator, progressed to our marketing director and then took the helm of our growth team, which encompasses both our sales and marketing. Today she interviews and works with agency owners and digital industry leaders from around the world.

Each week she leaves our topical discussions that helps small business owners operate more efficiently and increase their profitability. And under her leadership GoWP team has grown from 4 to 50. Count them not now. 50 team members supporting thousands of websites and agencies around the globe. Welcome Emily to NAO podcast.

Emily: [00:01:02] Thank you. Morayo wow. You make it all sound so exciting.

Joanne: [00:01:07] And I’m Joanne Torres Morayo’s co-host at the Mitch agency owners podcast. Everyone. Welcome. Emily welcome. Morayo. Before we get into it, just real quick. I just wanna say a few words about GoWP in case anyone here isn’t fully familiar with us, or they don’t know who we are and that’s okay.

I’m here to remind you. So at GoWP, we create happiness for digital agencies and help them become more profitable. So whether that means you’re joining in incredibly valuable calls, like our weekly happiness hours, or you’re just looking to grow your team with a developer, or a writer, or a copywriter, a designer, or a project manager, we got you covered.

So, we also have services like website maintenance, content edits, page builds, and case studies that you can completely outsource and use to grow your team and focus on the things that matter. Like, making money

And yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Emily, for joining us today on the podcast. It’s so fun to have you in on this conversation on this capacity, because I know you for quite some time,

Emily: [00:02:21] We go way back.

Joanne: [00:02:22] We go way back. I was the other day, I was just like reflecting on our days at that small startup that shell remain a named, you can visit our LinkedIns if you want to see what it was.

But yeah. We go pretty, way back. Yeah. What are some of the professional decisions that you use? And some of those experiences that led you to GoWP?. So cause you went from startup like small startup to a massive company. He dreams that, you know, it was all over.

Like this is a global company, right? So going from that small jump from that small company to that big jumb, and then to other companies that vary in size, how does that, those decisions and experience have led you to GoWP.

Emily: [00:03:12] I started my career in journalism, so studying journalism, journalism degree, all of that working in. Loved that. I recommend it for anyone. I think it’s a great character builder. It’s hard work. It requires a lot of will and determination and Moxie, some might say so it was a great year spent working as a full-time staff reporter at the Adirondack daily enterprise.

But of course, it’s hard work. I mean, it’s really hard work and it’s very. Low pay working at a newspaper as a beat reporter. It’s not, for me, it was not a lifetime career. And I kind of knew that from the beginning, just because I didn’t. Yeah. You know, I had goals of starting a family and then all of that sort of thing.

I went from that to then deciding a few years down the road to get my master’s in digital marketing which then led me to the start-up Bubble that is in Barcelona. So I got my master’s over there in Barcelona that hired at the startup there. And it was, I mean, it was a fast growing startup.

They were like constantly hiring and they still are. And so that was a lot of fun working on the marketing team there. Seeing how they were structuring it and managing the high growth and all of that. Very well established company huge, big, big, big, big, big company. So working there and seeing how they structure their

teams and their pods and their groups, and are able to constantly crank out new features, new services, new products, how their marketing team works, all of that. I definitely draw on my experiences from those jobs and those workplaces here at GoWP. But, well, let me GoWP was basically moving back to the states from Barcelona.

And we did that with my husband’s company. And that place is in Marietta, Georgia the Atlanta area. And I was basically looking for a job and trying to keep it in the tech sector and found GoWP and interviewed with Brad and the rest is history and GoWP, he was a very different company three years ago than it is now, but that’s, what’s really cool to kind of look back on.

Morayo: [00:05:19] And Marriott.

Joanne: [00:05:19] And the making history in the making. I must have met. Go ahead. Morayo

Morayo: [00:05:22] No, you’re fine. There, wasn’t a big cultural shift. Marietta, Georgia and Barcelona, I think are sister cities. Last time I put in my Almanac.

Emily: [00:05:31] Practically the same. Yeah. So that was the easy part. Yeah. Language, all that.

Morayo: [00:05:35] All of it and you know, you had, very full, self of experience that brought you to GoWP and we are all the more grateful for it.

And my question for you is how do you order Walter’s moment? How do you do it? How does it do it, Emily?

Joanne: [00:05:58] She does it all.

Morayo: [00:06:00] She does it all. You balance it. And I do ask for your forgiveness after painting your picture of your career at GoWP. I left off at director of the growth team today. I’m going to have an Oprah moment. You are COO. She’s our CEO. She’s our CEO. Yeah. And you, you do it all. You balance a really full life between your work as COO and family.

And most recently, I’m excited about your role as the soccer coach for your elder daughters league soccer team. So working with you, I guess, together with 10 months now. Yeah. About 10 months we’ve worked

Emily: [00:06:43] Yeah.

Morayo: [00:06:43] I’ve noticed that you are definitely someone who keeps health and wellness and you know, well-balanced at the helm of what you do.

So again, Barbara wants to know how do you do it

Joanne: [00:06:57] She’s also a long distance runner. I’m going to add that little cherry onto that. Sunday.

Morayo: [00:07:04] She runs all over the place. You may see her on the side of the road and GoWP banner, you know, throw your business card.

Emily: [00:07:11] do that.

Joanne: [00:07:13] green is our color, so you’re not off-brand.

Emily: [00:07:16] Exactly. I mean, you’re not wrong that I definitely prioritize staying active. And it’s something that I’ve learned that you need to prioritize in order to do it. Otherwise, it’s very easy to sit all day every day. And that was something I struggled with a lot, actually moving back to the states from Barcelona.

Cause when I was there, I rode my bike everywhere. I mean like everywhere over there. So I didn’t really like taking the Metro and public transportation, so it’s very bike-friendly city, so it’s easy to walk places and bike places then coming here. I quickly realized I was getting like a thousand steps in a day at some point.

You know, I, didn’t have to prioritize activity in my previous life in the city and it took me some time to realize, okay, I need to prioritize this. Otherwise I’m not going to do it. It’s not just part of life here. So yeah, the way I do it is basically I try to work it into daily routines. And non-negotiable kind of aspects of it.

What I do now, like we just recently moved, but I’m biking my girls to school, so the girls have to go to school. That’s gotta happen. And so I just take them there by the bike and it works and it gets me some activity in the morning and they love it. The days that I can’t do it for this week, for example, just a little bit sick and just my energy is low, I’ve been taking them in the car and they’re very disappointed.

I like to see smiles on their faces. It’s something that working into those non-negotiable sort of things. And I do try to establish sort of routines with dedicated time for running or activity for myself, but that’s a lot. Structured because I do find it easy to kind of negotiate my way out of it.

Like, oh no, I should prepare for this call or I should just get to work or that sort of thing.

Joanne: [00:08:59] I can rationalize myself out of anything. Especially for people like us in our industry, we have to rationalize and everything is a strategy, Right. When our day-to-day work. When you’re feeling just a bit lazy, it’s easier to say like, oh, well, I mean, I do have to finish writing that document for that thing.

The deliverable is next week, but you know, I got to finish it today.

Emily: : [00:09:26] That’s why I think doing things like I’m on Strava. So like knowing that there’s kind of accountability with people seeing my activity or that sort of thing helps me, or being able to say, oh, this person ran five days this week. Like I should really have my game, like sort of competitive myth of it as well.

But yeah, I mean it’s hard. It’s definitely hard. And it’s something that I struggle with. If I work it into those non-negotiable things or signing up to be my daughter’s soccer coach. And then I’ve got 10 little kids that are dependent on me. Everything’s saved those days. So I can’t back down off of that one.

That’s something else too. Maybe signing up for a team or group runs. That’s something which I don’t do, but that could work for some folks as well, I guess.

Morayo: : [00:10:04] I recall one of the conversations that you led in our weekly happiness hours, and we were talking, I guess, about time management or something, and Jennifer Bourn, who we all know is a good friend of GoWP made a great point that I have not that I still cover call. She said, when it comes to our clients and for anybody, we always prioritize, we get the work done for them.

We prioritize getting their work regardless of the number of hours it takes, regardless of the number of meals we skip or whatever we do. But when it comes to that time for ourselves, like you both were saying, we just rationalize that away. I’ll do that later. And then the next thing you know, that time for you.

Either your personal passion projects, your personal health or whatever, family time, whatever it is, it’s gone. So I liked those habits that, that you, you share. That’s awesome. And I’m assuming when it comes to soccer practice, you’re not biking. The girls and bags of soccer balls to them.

Are you?

Emily: [00:11:04] I am actually, yeah,

Joanne: [00:11:07] You don’t have a sidecart for the balls.

Emily: [00:11:09] I have like a bike trailer for the girls and the balls, so I just crammed them all into that little trailer on the back of the bike and meal, we all head out. So yeah, we do.

Joanne: [00:11:17] So disappointed when you give them a card. It’s like, that. sounds like such an adventure. I of just imagine a five-year-old

Emily: [00:11:22] We see all kinds of animals in the morning, cause it’s right along the river and it’s. Yes, that’s

Joanne: [00:11:27] What river is it Do you know? I’m obsessed with rivers.

Emily: [00:11:31] The Hocking river.

Joanne: [00:11:32] Yeah.

I live near the Bayou here in Houston. Like that’s the only reason right now. So I’m like a Bayou baby now. That so much fun.

Morayo: [00:11:42] And I’m volunteering you to bite us, your team members. If we, you know, had an ex you know, WordPress event, just bike us along. All right. Such shotgun

Joanne: [00:11:52] Grown adults and in a little bike trailer.

Morayo: [00:11:56] Legs, just dangling for too long.

Emily: [00:11:58] Right.

Joanne: [00:12:01] Oh, well, yeah. So the speaking of rivers and nature trails, so we were recently at CaboPress Emily and I, and Michael, who is not on this call episode. And we had the awesome chance to meet a lot of people, the WordPress community at large, face-to-face and it’s really cool to meet industry leaders, and like colleagues and partners and friends who, you know, like we were just talking about Jennifer Bourn.

I always get her energy through the screen, but meeting her in person is really cool. past year and a half, like the way of doing business has really altered from going fully online to. You know, now slowly going to events in person. So are you, are you excited about this low return in person activities?

What are some thing you’re mostly looking forward to resuming Emily?

Emily: [00:12:56] Yeah, I’m super excited about it. Community for one, because community is GoWP, I mean, GoWP is community. It’s always been such an integral part of who we are and what we do. And all of our efforts and initiatives and strategies revolve around our community. What’s going to serve them. What’s going to help that flourish and grow.

And because of that we have always been very big proponents of events, sponsoring word camps, sponsoring different agency owner events that are designed for the agency owner that our partners put on that sort of thing. Also because I mean, referrals are a huge part of our business too.

So we doubled down on that. We need to, I mean, it’s what makes sense. So, I’m hugely excited to get back to in-person events. CaboPress was amazing on so many levels and just being kind of that first step back into in-person events and all of that. So I couldn’t have asked for a better one for that, and I recommend anybody who hasn’t checked out, buddy.

Then go take a look and apply. If you’re interested to

Joanne: [00:13:59] Yeah. And for those who may be listening, who don’t know what Cabo presses, could you explain a little bit on like how it is, where it is

Emily: [00:14:09] Yeah. It’s kind of like a mastermind leadership conference. It’s highly curated. So it’s Chris Lema who is a VP of product at Nexus now, general manager for LearnDash which was by Nexus and liquid web. But it’s his event. He handpicks every attendee. It’s very highly curated from top to bottom.

Your lunch groups are assigned based on your interest and what your business is and who you’re going to have the most productive conversations with. The sessions are held in a pool every day, and it’s a set topic, but it’s more about a discussion and you’re talking to other business owners and leaders and about what’s worked with them and just really high level incredible conversations that are geared toward growth and it’s a great conference. Yeah that’s where we were. And then just going back real quick to GoWP and our kind of investment in events, I would say prior to the pandemic we had planned on investing big in events. A lot of y’all know that we do happiness hour calls weekly in our Facebook group.

And the news agency owners. That is a spinoff of what we had planned for 2020. We were going to be going to word camps all over the country. We are going to be having in-person happiness hours. I know a lot of our community members were able to attend the two that we did pull off before the pandemic.

So we had one in St. Louis and one in Phoenix. And they’re just incredible. And there’s so much valuable value in seeing those people face to face talking, having relaxed conversations, very much kind of the vibe and impact of conversation you have at CaboPress, because it’s relaxed. You’re chill, you’re calm. you’re opened up, you can have long form conversations, that kind of thing. Yeah, I’m excited about getting back to the in-person safely and, you know, as best we can and at the rate that’s appropriate, but I’m excited about it.

Morayo: [00:15:53] That’s really cool to hear about what could have been for GoWP last year of before Joanne or I entered the scene. So that’s really exciting that we could return to that. I think meeting some of the great individuals who do participate in our weekly calls, meeting them face to face would be an awesome experience.

And since that conversation went online and through your work with our different partners over the years, I’m certain Emily that you pick up on trends or, common challenges of our partners. And one thing I have to say that has impressed me so much about our weekly calls is how honest and cooperative having this hour is that if you had told me before coming to GoWP about the happiness house, I would have assumed it was slightly competitive. It was a doggy dog or secretive who wants to share their best practices there, that they all are battling for that profit. That is not the case at all with the happiness hours. So the agency owners who do participate also look at, GoWP as a great asset as a great partner.

What common struggles have you learned from our partners’ experience over the years? And how do they use us more deeply as an asset for their, for their own companies?

Emily: [00:17:11] Yeah. And I would say, I mean, it’s not only that I pick up on these trends. Like we asked every single person who joins our community. What’s your biggest struggle. Like we want to know we are GoWP exists to create solutions for agency owners That’s the Genesis of all of our services. That’s the Genesis of GoWP that’s, it’s just, it’s what we do.

It’s who we are. So we always ask that of everybody. So we have a list of struggles and it’s a big list. But I would say the biggest one is, is growth and scaling. Not necessarily that I’m having trouble. Growing. You know, the demands there may be, or they have leads, they have potential sales and that sort of thing, but being able to fulfill services at scale that’s a huge one and having the infrastructure in place to support growth at their agency, you know, a lot of agencies start as one person starts spinning up an agency and, you know, helping out a friend or started building a website from somebody, and then that refers them to another person, to another person. Then you start having projects.

Then you start with proposals. And the whole thing builds on itself and not having the infrastructure in place to scale their services. So that’s big, that’s a conversation we’re always having, you know, Processes in place so that somebody can come in and help you do this, that you can put this on somebody else and you can continue to grow and you can, you can grow the team up under you.

You can outsource the force and that’s where we come in. So if you don’t necessarily have everything in place, we can help with that. We can help with our outsource services. When it comes to our dedicated services, that’s putting people on your team and our account managers do a great job. Kind of got.

And helping them to manage people. If they’re an agency that doesn’t have much experience in managing team members and that sort of thing, but for sure growth and scaling scalability of that growth is the big one. I would say.

Morayo: [00:19:09] And I concur or account manager is doing awesome jobs. So shout out to Michael and Kevin for the awesome work they do, and the whole team, the whole team. And thank you both for representing WP so well last week at Cabo press.

Joanne: [00:19:22] Thank you. Morayo.

Emily: [00:19:23] Okay. It was, it was my pleasure.

Joanne: [00:19:25] Yeah. I mean, I’m so happy I got to do it so honored. I feel like it shifted also my online presence, but that’s a whole different topic, but Yeah.

I definitely agree with everything, what the Emily’s talking about in terms of our struggles, because I see those everyday when people are joining the group and it’s the thing that’s really up there.

Growth in scaling is a struggle for me because I need to focus. I need to stop focusing on the day to day like smaller, low level tasks, like how do I, not a lot of people don’t know how to outsource that. And I think that’s where our awesome account managers come in and give them a hand into supporting themselves.

Morayo: [00:20:09] Give them a hand and that confidence to outsource. You know, some of

those, some of those looking at

Joanne: [00:20:15] So that can be scary outsourcing. It’s like giving your baby away kind of.

Morayo: [00:20:20] Totally. And you know, and when I, when I joined the team last year, my main responsibility was interviewing our partners for case studies and that’s one of the services that we offer, I was really surprised at how often I heard them say by partnering with GoWP, I have more time in my life.

I have, you know, I can re-engage with my spouse or I can attend my kids’ games more often because you know, they’re not going to let their company fall to the wayside. And now I think that’s pretty awesome that we are impacting their personal lives in a positive way too. So Emily, you’ve got a lot of bike rides.

You can offer these partners, get them in there. And your side buggy and take it away,

Joanne: [00:21:04] All that.

Morayo: [00:21:05] Little cells thrown in there. I don’t know what that was like, Becky. But we can’t ever stop celebrating the fact that you are our COO. I think it’s awesome. And I think that, you know, having the chance to work with you, I’ve learned so much.

I told Brad who’s our CEO for those who don’t know Brad Morrison soon after starting, I think I send him a private slack message. And I said, Emily’s awesome.

Wow. She’s really amazing. And he immediately agreed. So super excited to have you, you know, leading us even more. But you know, how did you, and Joanne talked about some of the professional decisions that you made and the experiences that you had that brought you.

To where you are now, can you talk for a moment about as you’ve grown as a professional, as a leader, what networks or avenues have you discovered to be the most supportive to you during your years in the WordPress community?

Emily: [00:22:03] Yeah. That’s a great question. I think first and foremost, for me, it’s been listening to experience new ideas are important and great. But making sure that I’m listening to the feedback from people who have been there and done that is something I have learned is just invaluable. And there’s so many times, you know, where I come to understandings now from things that I heard two years ago, Brad said two years ago, right?

Because I was new to the agency space and to the WordPress space. And you know, Brad’s been in it for a while now. And he’s been through it and, and yeah, I have marketing experience and all of that digital marketing kind of stuff, but you know, there’s sometimes where there’s feedback and it’s like, oh, well, I liked my idea.

I thought my idea was great, but then I learn, you know, there’s a reason for that guidance, I would call it more so than, you know, feedback and, and being able to, to receive it and hear it and apply it, you know, down the line and always keep it in mind and learn from it. Right. Because I do refer back and it’s like, oh, you know how much I did not know back three years ago.

And you realize it in hindsight. Right. Apart from that though, it’s also finding support from people who are in. Similar situations for you. I recently joined a mastermind call. That’s a monthly mastermind call that’s women in leadership positions. And that I had no idea how helpful that would be.

And it’s just been incredible to have. Like kind of intimate off the cuff, open conversations about work and professional issues and business with other women who also have families or have, already raised families and their children are grown and they went through it a while ago, but learn, hearing from their experience and learning from them and, not feeling alone.

And I think that’s always such a great reminder and something that’s so important to know, like nothing I’m going through is special or unique. Like obviously I think GoWP is the greatest company in the world and nothing else compares, but it’s like, nothing is so special or unique that there’s not someone out there to support you or relate to you or, you know, talk you through situations and that sort of thing.

So just knowing there’s people out there. Knowing to listen to experience and, and to seek that out is, is important. So that’s something I’m getting better at and, and trying to improve always as well.

Morayo: [00:24:32] That’s awesome. I’m sure it will be. We’re a few decades away and you will be the gray haired Sage, that guy for the other, the other women in that group one day.

Joanne: [00:24:42] The wisdom, the fountain of wisdom, people search for the fountain of youth. I follow the fountain of wisdom.

Emily: [00:24:48] Fountain wisdom. Yeah, much more valuable.

Joanne: [00:24:51] I mean, come on,

Morayo: [00:24:54] So I’m actually is a great segue to our next question. Osage one young Sage one. What piece of advice would you give to an agency owner? Whether they’re just starting out or a veterans, what would you tell them?

Joanne: [00:25:06] In addition to Listen, to experience. Cause I feel like, I feel like it’s this, that what you were just saying is so relevant to like, even like for me, someone coming into the WordPress space as a little newbie, listening to experience, in addition to that, what piece of advice would you give to you know, agency owners or, veterans.

Emily: [00:25:28] I mean, listen to experience for sure. Find your community. If you don’t have one, find it. love to have you in hours, right? Niche agency owners, community. But if that’s doesn’t float your boat, find one that does it’s so important to have that. And like you all were talking about earlier that our happiness, our calls, like they’re not competitive, they’re open caring calls where we just want to celebrate people and help out.

And everyone on the call feels the same way. Finding that community for you can help in so many ways and lead you to breakthroughs and growth that you didn’t maybe know you had in you before. We’ve seen it happen, so that’s a big one. And then the other one I already touched on too, but I have scalability in mind at all times.

Like always. Is this a process that someone else can follow? Is this repeatable, is this scalable? And if it’s not figure out a way to make it scalable because you don’t, whatever you’re doing now, you don’t want to be doing it next year, right? You want it, you want to grow, you want to, you want to be having growth and change and evolving in your business.

So you want to make sure that what you’re doing is scalable and repeatable, and it’s a process that someone can come in and do so that you can go on bike rides with your kids and take a vacation and that sort of thing. So those would be my two big ones.

Joanne: [00:26:47] That’s awesome. Who would I want to go on bike rides with their kids or their significant other, or, you know, take some time for themselves. I actually saw this really good Graphic on the differences of, and I’ll add it to the show notes because it’s more of a visual thing, but The difference between having a stressful day when you haven’t cared for yourself and having a stressful day, when you have cared for yourself, and it’s a very simple graph, but it puts it in a way that you can see like the contrast stark difference of how you are.

Much better able to just function as a person when you’ve cared for yourself in your day to day. that can mean just, taking a long bath or, going for a walk, but knowing that you have a space to do that because your business is cared for and it’s in the right hands.

I think that’s very powerful.

Morayo: [00:27:46] You are sage two Joanne,

Joanne: [00:27:48] Oh, goodness. Okay. Well, and, that note we’re almost getting done here. This is, this last question for you. And in the note of caring for yourself and caring for others, how are you creating happiness this week? And what is something that is creating happiness for you? And that can mean in.

Business setting in your day today, it can be something as simple as like, it’s not that hot. Like for me, it’s that I’m creating happiness myself knowing that it’s not 90 degrees outside. I’m happy with that. Yeah, that’s a huge one in Houston. let’s start with our guests. Oh, you know what?

I’ll start. I’ll go ahead. Since I already started. So yeah, for me. I feel like something that is creating happiness for me is the weather not being 90 degrees in Houston and how I am creating happiness this week is. I should’ve prepared better for this, but I’m going to say that it’s just being silly in our daily huddles.

This is a little, it’s just like not taking things too seriously. I know of course things. It’s where it’s a business. We are here.

to work and I get that. But something that I learned last week is the importance of having friendly banter with your team and being okay with it. I’ll of course staying in the realm of respect and honoring each other for how we show up every day.

Yeah, having a little silliness, just being able to pick on my coworkers, super zoom, because he’s working out of an iPad, so yeah, Morayo, That’s Kevin, he’s working from an iPad, so like this constantly super close to the camera. So feel like. That as a little bit of smiles to the team.

So that’s how I’m creating happiness this week. What about you Emily? And we’ll close it with Morayo.

Emily: [00:29:38] I would say for me, It’s kind of the same thing i,s I think that I’m creating happiness and it’s also creating happiness for me, but it’s gotta be my little soccer league. I as Morayo and Joanne though, I was not really amped up about being a soccer coach. It happened mistakenly.

I did not have the time or energy to take on a 10 person, kindergarten soccer team for an hour, twice a week. I mean, it’s a lot. And so but I did because they were short coaches and I stepped up because it’s my community. I live here and it’s the children in my community and it’s my daughter. So

Joanne: . [00:30:18] future.

Emily: . [00:30:20] the future.

Joanne: . [00:30:20] about profit and scaling already.

Emily: [00:30:23] It’s now the penultimate week of our seasons.

So next week is our last week of soccer and they do create that. I got, we’ve got a game tonight. We had a game Tuesday, I missed last week and I had two parents that stepped in and took over for me. And that felt good. And then this week having them come up to me in.

Sincerely thank me because they saw firsthand that it’s a little chaotic and stressful I’m coaching kindergarteners. That was kind of nice to have that recognition as well. And just the smiles on their faces. I mean, they love it. These kids love getting out there, running around all 10 kids show up twice a week, every week.

I mean, I never have kids showing up late. They all show up happy, ready to play. And it’s really just fantastic. I don’t know that I’m going to do it again. But I think I’ve enjoyed it. Enjoyed it fully, and I’m sad to see it come to an end, but it’s been a great experience in the end.

It was challenging. I mean, I was stressed the first couple of weeks, like very stressed but came out on the other end. So yeah,

Joanne: [00:31:25] What’s the name of the team.

Emily: [00:31:28] We’re sponsored by the Athens Elks association. We’re the purple Elks antler app.

Morayo: [00:31:33] Oh, and your honor,

Joanne: [00:31:35] oh,

Oh, that’s so sweet. That makes me so happy. Cause I don’t like there are no children in my life, just like I’m living vicariously through you

Morayo: [00:31:44] You have to go out and buy some and just coach them, Joanne, whether

Joanne: [00:31:47] just find


Morayo: [00:31:48] or not.

Emily: [00:31:49] local, your local community may meet soccer coaches and they would take you, I guarantee it. So

Joanne: [00:31:56] Please, let me, let me, coach your children. Morayo go.

Morayo: [00:32:03] Emily just created some happiness for me by using the word penultimate. It’s such a fun word. And like it’s rarely used correctly, but I love that word. So

Joanne: [00:32:13] It’s a great one.

Morayo: [00:32:13] It makes me happy and grateful. And how am I creating happiness this week, by doing this podcast, of course

Joanne: [00:32:22] of course

Morayo: [00:32:25] But it is, it is cool.

I feel like this particular episode, I feel like it’s just repealing back, just a conversation around the virtual office. You know, this is how we chat and it’s like giving us a chance to exercise a little bit of juices and a nice variety for the workweek. So thank you all for joining me in my happy place.

Joanne: [00:32:47] I love, And please hold space for me all the time, because I will always, I mean, I feel like for us, it’s like, when do we stop? So sometimes we go on a roll. It’s just like, why,

Morayo: [00:33:00] Well, I’m actually watching, I’m watching the clock going. What are we stopping? Cause we’re really going on.

Joanne: [00:33:06] Okay, let’s wrap this up then. Morayo. You want to bring us home?

Morayo: [00:33:11] Yeah, I’ll bring us home. And actually, I didn’t have a chance to work this in earlier, but I think it’s, it’s a lovely mantra to share. This is actually Emily hustlers, original personal mantra that she shares on LinkedIn. So I grabbed it and wanted to share with our listeners and viewers. Act. Learn. Improve. Act, Learn, Improve.

I love that as a personal and professional mantra. So thank you for inspiring us and leading us Emily. And thank you all for listening this. I shouldn’t say this week, because you can be listening anytime, but don’t forget to subscribe and like us online and you can get this podcast and tell your friends to listen to this podcast, wherever they listen to podcast and just a quick reminder.

Your friends that GoWP, we are a, your friends and we’re a company that create happiness for digital agencies. And we truly want to help you become more profitable. Whether it’s listening to our podcasts, joining our weekly happiness hours whether it’s through a dedicated developer, copywriter designer, project manager, anything you need, we got you covered. So contact, reach out to us and we will be happy to schedule a discovery call for you.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Emily. For joining us for this episode, and I would be remiss if I did not share the wonderful life and professional mantra that you posted on LinkedIn.

Very simply emily says. Act, Learn, improve, a wonderful, wonderful guide for life and business. Thank you, Emily.

Emily: [00:34:47] Thank you. Morayo.

Joanne: [00:34:50] Yeah. Thank you, Emily. And thank you so much to everyone who has been listening. This podcast is sponsored by GoWP. So don’t forget to like and subscribe and you can get this wherever you get your podcasts. Just a quick reminder again, that GoWP is a company that’s creating happiness for digital agencies, and we want to help you become more profitable.

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We got you covered. So thank you so much for listening and we hope you have a wonderful day creating happiness.

Morayo: [00:35:56] Create that happiness y’all

Emily: [00:35:57] Thank you.

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The Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Visual Validator WordPress updates
  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here