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4 Reasons Agency Owners Should Outsource Their Copywriting

What do you do when your workload becomes overwhelming, or when you need the support of certain skill sets?

Do you start recruiting, although it requires a painstaking search for the right candidate—and potentially committing to permanent staff before you’re really ready? 

Consider outsourcing instead. It’s an alternative with many advantages.

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Outsourcing represents an incredible resource for a growing agency. It means that you benefit from the input of skilled professionals straight away, and agencies adore its flexibility: it’s so easy to secure arrangements that perfectly suit their evolving needs.

And the one service that agencies increasingly demand is copywriting. Agency owners recognize the time and effort it takes to craft quality copy, as well as its importance when it comes to lead generation—both for them and their clients. 

That’s why GoWP recently launched a Dedicated Copywriter service, and it’s already proving very popular!

Read on for four reasons agency owners like you should outsource their copywriting.

  1. You can focus on your primary role.

    As an agency owner, your time is precious — and so is your attention. Realistically, the exercise of recruiting a copywriter would be a distraction from your more pressing duties.

    As GoWP’s Emily Hunkler explains, recruitment is “a long and arduous process and not one that a busy, fast-growing agency should be spending their valuable time with.”

    So, let’s say that you’ve decided not to hire a copywriter. What next? Maybe you’re thinking about biting the bullet and just hammering out all your copy and content alone. It will save your agency some money, after all.

    The problem is that writing your own copy doesn’t just take time; it also takes talent. Few people are highly skilled writers, and even fewer people particularly enjoy this aspect of running their agency.

    Wouldn’t it feel liberating to turn over all your copy and content work to a trusted partner? Imagine what you could achieve with all the time you’d save…

    When you own an agency, smart and strategic delegating is a need, not a luxury. Outsourcing your copywriting frees up your time and allows you to focus on your primary role.
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  1. Your business benefits from a multi-skilled talent pool.

    In an agency, your workload is diverse by definition. This provokes a question: are you confident that one single copywriter can meet the needs of all your clients while simultaneously handling your in-house work? 

    It’s an understandable concern, and the good news is that thanks to outsourcing, one person doesn’t have to. Instead, you can work flexibly with writers, choosing the right one for each workstream. 

    Different writers have their own areas of expertise, after all, and outsourcing empowers you to draw on them as and when you need them.

    Ask around; one of the most difficult things you can experience as an agency owner is having to let a staff member go when you realize they’re not the right fit. You can skip this administrative nightmare (and the associated upset) when you outsource.

    Essentially, outsourcing makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits of a copywriter on your team without the restrictions and commitment of recruitment.

    Remember, outsourcing isn’t the same as hiring a writer for a one-off job. You won’t have to train someone new every time. It entails an ongoing relationship, just like the one you have with your own clients.

    In the words of GoWP’s Morayo Orija, “outsourcing allows you to train and entrust a contractor to perform well with very minimal involvement from you.” 

    That means each of your clients could be matched with a compatible copywriter who’d get to know their business inside out. Consider this an amazing opportunity to provide a higher quality service to your clients.

    Can you imagine their happiness when they receive copy and content crafted by a professional writer, perhaps even one that specializes in their industry? That’s one surefire way to secure their long-term loyalty.
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  1. Copywriters bring expertise in audience engagement.

    To develop a convincing brand, consistent copy and content are essential. Rather than hiring a different writer every time you need a blog post, resulting in a jumbled mess, you can outsource your copywriting to one person. They will refine and fully embody your brand’s voice.

    When you invest in an outsourced copywriting service, this includes consultation sessions with professional writers. During these sessions, they ask the right questions to get to the heart of what you do. That’s right — they’re not only skilled in writing; they’re also incisive thinkers with significant business savvy.

    In fact, one of the unexpected advantages of outsourcing your copywriting is that you gain a fresh perspective on your agency. Copywriters look at businesses from a unique angle, and they may uncover strengths and weaknesses you’d never previously realized. 

    Bear in mind that copywriters are experts in what they do, and so nothing a professional copywriter creates is accidental. It’s all backed by strategy. Their approach is determined by your business objectives, your brand personality, and the audience you want to reach.

    With this information, they create copy and content that helps your agency and your clients to build a stronger connection with potential customers. Expect a positive effect on lead generation, sales conversion, and retention…

    Aren’t those your agency’s top priorities?
  1. Fresh content is a must in the modern business context.

    Copy and content shouldn’t be considered a static entity by any agency right now. It’s certainly not a matter of paying a writer to do a one-off job that lasts forever.

    Businesses that are keen to compete at the highest level need a constant flow of fresh content. You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again: content is king!

    But why is it so important? For a start, fresh content attracts more web traffic. 

    Content also offers an opportunity to gain recognition. By sharing your expert insights and becoming a dependable source of quality content, you could evolve into an industry leader. Wouldn’t it be great to be considered the go-to for certain services?

    You don’t have to be an SEO expert to know that the Google algorithm responds to activity. When content goes stale, search engines perceive that your relevance is waning. This will harm your rankings, meaning your site receives less attention.

    In contrast, sites that are frequently updated get a welcome SEO boost. Continually updated content improves your domain authority, and you’ll be rewarded with greater search engine visibility.

    Bear this in mind when it comes to your own agency, but make sure to communicate these benefits to your clients too. It’s an opportunity to upsell them on copywriting services, which you can then outsource.

If you’re ready to start outsourcing your agency’s copywriting, check out GoWP’s Dedicated Copywriter service. GoWP has a great reputation due to our rigorous recruitment process, designed to bring only the best, most capable candidates into the company

Now, you can invite them to join your team on your own terms. With GoWP, it’s incredibly easy. You could hire and onboard a new copywriter in just one day!


Sarah Rogers-Barbosa

Sarah Rogers-Barbosa

Sarah is a Copywriter at GoWP. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, she now lives in Bogotá, Colombia with her husband. In her free time, you'll find her on the yoga mat, on her rollerskates, at brunch, in the park, or relaxing with a book and her beloved sausage dog, Rudie.

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The Maintenance Plan includes:

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  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
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