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30+ Insightful WordPress Experts To Follow On Twitter

Do you wish your social media feeds had more WordPress knowledge and fewer pictures of cats from high school classmates you haven’t seen in 15 years?

If so, this is the post for you.

We’ve rounded up 30+ knowledgeable WordPress experts to follow on Twitter.

Whether you’re a WordPress freelancer/agency, a WordPress developer, or just generally interested in learning more about WordPress, following these people on Twitter will fill your feed with a cornucopia of WordPress goodness. So, whether you’re looking to be more informed about WordPress themes, building your own theme for WordPress sites or just looking to be in the know – give this post a read and give these experts a follow.

30+ WordPress Experts To Follow On TwitterWordPress experts to follow on Twitter

Here are the best WordPress gurus to follow on social media, in no particular order.

1. Matt Mullenweg

Follow if you’re into…WordPress!

Ok, this one is a bit obvious. But we can’t exactly leave Matt off this list…

If you’re not familiar, Matt is the co-founder of WordPress, CEO of WordPress.com, and director of The WordPress Foundation (the foundation that owns the WordPress trademark). Obviously, he would qualify as a WordPress expert.

2. Chris Lema

Follow if you’re into…product dev, eCommerce, and various other WordPress topics.

Chris Lema is one of the most well-known WordPress personalities. He runs a popular blog where he talks about a variety of WordPress topics, with an emphasis on specific applications like eCommerce or membership sites.

Beyond that, he’s also the VP of Product at Liquid Web, a well-known hosting company that recently moved into the managed WordPress hosting space.

3. Matt Medeiros

Follow if you’re into…WordPress in general, with an emphasis on the business side.

Matt wears a lot of hats in the WordPress space. He’s the founder of the popular Matt Report podcast, as well as a YouTube vlog.

He also runs a digital agency, Slocum Studio, a theme shop, Slocum Themes, and WordPress plugins, including the Conductor plugin. And if that isn’t diverse enough, his day job is an Account Executive at Pagely, the popular managed WordPress host.

Long story short, Matt can bring a lot of different perspectives to bear on WordPress.

4. Syed Balkhi

Follow if you’re into… the business side of WordPress.

If you’re into expert WordPress, I can guarantee that you’ve bumped into part of Syed Balkhi’s WordPress empire at some point.

First off, he’s the main guy behind WPBeginner (you know – that site that shows up for every WordPress search query).

Beyond that, he’s also part of IsItWP, WPForms, OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, and a lot more. And oh yeah, he also started a fund to invest in WordPress businesses.

5. Carrie Dils

Follow if you’re into…freelancing and/or WordPress development.

Carrie Dils is both an expert WordPress developer, as well as a freelance coach who helps other expert WordPress developers and WordPress contractors be more successful.

So if you’re a WordPress freelancer or a top WordPress developer who wants to be more successful at what you do, Carrie is a great follow.

6. Sarah Gooding

Follow if you’re into…behind-the-scenes WordPress news.

Sarah is a journalist at WP Tavern, the popular WordPress news site. She’s a great follow if you want to learn more about what goes on with WordPress behind the scenes.

7. Tom McFarlin

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Tom McFarlin is one of the better-known names in WordPress development. Beyond his own blog where he shares lots of development tips, Tom works with clients as Pressware. When it comes to technical knowledge and WordPress codex, it’s hard to be Tom.

8. Bob Dunn

Follow if you’re into…WooCommerce or other WordPress eCommerce.

Bob Dunn is the man behind the eponymous BobWP site and the Do the Woo podcast. Bob focuses almost exclusively on WordPress eCommerce, so he’s a great follow if you’re running a WooCommerce store.

9. Mark Jaquith

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Mark is a WordPress lead developer who also does freelance project work on the side. Because he’s working directly on the core, he has more insight into the tech side of WordPress than most people.

10. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Follow if you’re into…dissecting WordPress in tons of interesting ways.

Morten is one of the most well-known names in the WordPress space. If you’re not familiar, he’s the senior instructor at Lynda/LinkedIn Learning. In that capacity, he’s published a ton of different WordPress courses and he’s also a regular speaker at WordCamps.

11. Ionut Neagu

Follow if you’re into…the business of WordPress.

Ionut is the founder or co-founder of several different WordPress businesses including ThemeIsle, CodeinWP, and others. He’s pretty honest with what he shares and covers both the ups and downs of running a business.

12. Brian Jackson

Follow if you’re into…WordPress performance optimization and other technical subjects.

In addition to his role as the CMO at Kinsta, a popular managed WordPress host, Brian also runs the Woorkup blog where he posts a ton of in-depth WordPress tutorials. And oh yeah, he also has two WordPress products – Perfmatters and WP Coupons.

13. Joshua Strebel

Follow if you’re into…the business side of WordPress (and third-person Joshua Strebel quotes)

Joshua is the co-founder and CEO of Pagely, the oldest managed WordPress host in existence. Joshua/Pagely’s focus on enterprise customers is especially helpful if you run a business that’s trying to move “up market” (rather than competing based on price).

14. Siobhan McKeown

Follow if you’re into…WordPress or remote work.

Siobhan works at Human Made, one of the biggest WordPress agencies out there. Previously, she was at WPMU DEV and she also wrote a book about remote work called A Life Lived Remotely.

15. Bill Erickson

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development and freelancing.

Bill Erickson is a freelance WordPress developer who, in addition to building websites for clients, also shares a lot of developer tutorials on his blog.

16. Carl Hancock

Follow if you’re into…WordPress in general.

Carl is the co-founder of Rocket Genius and Gravity Forms. He doesn’t only tweet about WordPress, but you can find plenty of very candid thoughts on WordPress.

17. Tammie Lister

Follow if you’re into…the WordPress software.

Tammie is involved with Design Operations at Automattic, and she’s also a WordPress core contributor. Because she’s part of both WordPress.com and WordPress.org, she can bring insights on both.

18. Bryce Adams

Follow if you’re into…building a WordPress business or WordPress development.

Bryce is a former Automattic engineer who left to form his own WooCommerce analytics/reporting/marketing tool called Metorik. Follow him to learn more about both development and building a WordPress business.

19. Elliot Condon

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Elliot is the guy behind Advanced Custom Fields, which is a plugin that casual WordPress users might not know, but every single developer has heard of (and probably used at some point).

20. Mika Ariela Epstein

Follow if you’re into…everything WordPress (and plenty of non-WordPress thoughts)

Mika’s day job is as a WordPress support specialist at Dreamhost, but she seems to pop up all over the place in WordPress discussions, as well.

21. Brian Krogsgard

Follow if you’re into…being a WordPress professional

Brian is the man behind Post Status, a popular community for WordPress professionals. If you’re any type of freelancer or agency working with WordPress, he’s a good follow.

22. Brad Touesnard

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Brad is the founder and CEO of Delicious Brains, a WordPress company that makes a number of developer-focused products including WP Migrate DB.

23. Kim Doyal

Follow if you’re into…WordPress or content marketing.

Kim was formerly known as “The WordPress Chick”. Now, she’s rebranded her podcast to The Kim Doyal Show. It’s a little more general, but you’ll still catch WordPress talk.

24. Jeff Starr

Follow if you’re into…WordPress plugin development (or development in general).

Like a lot of the people on this list, Jeff has his hands in a few different areas of WordPress. He co-authored the Digging Into WordPress book (and DigWP, the website). Beyond that, he also runs Perishable Press and has some courses at Lynda.com.

25. Shawn Hesketh

Follow if you’re into…the business of WordPress.

Shawn is most notably the founder of the popular WP101 videos, which help people learn about WordPress and popular plugins. WP101 also offers a service that lets WordPress developers and agencies white-label the videos, so he has plenty of insights on that side, too.

26. Brad Williams

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development or the business of WordPress.

Brad is a co-founder of WebDevStudios, a WordPress design and development agency. He’s also the co-author of the Professional WordPress: Design and Development book.

27. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Follow if you’re into…WordPress (and Wisconsin).

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is also a co-founder of WebDevStudios. She also wrote the WordPress For Dummies book (part of the popular “For Dummies” franchise).

28. Ahmad Awais

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Ahmad is a core contributor who’s always tweeting about something related to WordPress development.

29. Mario Peshev

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development or the business of WordPress.

Mario is the founder of DevriX, a popular WordPress development agency. That makes him a good follow for both building a business and WordPress development.

30. Claire Brotherton

Follow if you’re into…WordPress development.

Claire is a freelance WordPress developer/designer at A Bright Clear Web who also writes about WordPress. She may also have some insights on WordPress hosting for freelancers.

31. Brad Morrison

Follow if you’re into…fixing WordPress issues.

Finally, not to toot our own horn, there’s Brad Morrison, who’s the founder here at GoWP. Follow him to learn more about what it takes to offer white-labeled WordPress support and maintenance plans for the world’s most popular content management system.

Bonus: Join These WordPress Facebook Groups

If you love getting your WordPress fix on social media, don’t stop at following individuals on Twitter! There are also a ton of great WordPress Facebook groups that can help you get more from WordPress, no matter what your knowledge level is.

Here are some of the best options:

  • The GoWP Digital Agency Owners Community – our community created for digital WordPress agencies. We hold regular webinars and Friday Happiness Hour calls for the community. Come join us!
  • The Admin Bar – a group by Kyle Van Deusen created for digital WordPress agencies. Kyle runs a tight ship with incredible engagement from group members.
  • Advanced WordPress – as the name suggests, this is a good group to dig into the more advanced side of WordPress and development.
  • WordPress Speed Up – this is another one where the name is a good guide! It’s all about finding ways to optimize and speed up your WordPress site.
  • Intermediate WordPress – if you aren’t quite ready for Advanced WordPress, this group can help get you there.

And that wraps up our picks for the best WordPress experts to follow on Twitter.

Found anyone else who’s a great follow?


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  • 90 days of off-site backups
  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Find out more here